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Learning About Online Marketing: An Easy 1up Review

Online marketing can be an excellent way to generate income with a minimum of overhead; consequently, many entrepreneurs are drawn into online marketing without having a lot of knowledge about digital business. There is a lot to learn about successful strategies for making money online, but it can be hard to find reliable resources. While there are many freely accessible articles on all kinds of business-related topics on the web, the user can’t be sure that the information is legitimate and up-to-date. In the following Easy 1up review, you can learn about one source of educational materials that also serves as an online money-making venture for the customer.

The website offers several different packages of educational materials, each at a different level. By purchasing a package, you not only have access to the resources, you also become eligible to recruit referrals. When your first referral makes a purchase, the money goes directly to you, with no hidden fees. The following is a summary of each package.


The Elevation series contains 15 online training modules and videos that are accessible on any device. The materials cover the basics of network marketing and becoming an affiliate. Users can learn about choosing products, capturing leads, and configuring an auto-responder, among many other topics. The Elevation Elite package has eighteen modules that are focused primarily on networking through social media. Topics include marketing via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus, along with an introduction to market research.


The Vertex basic package is a video series on advanced digital marketing. The fourteen videos in the program address topics like building profitable lists, generating traffic to a website, and surviving affiliate marketing, among others. Vertex Elite includes two complete courses on building a business along with modules on dropping shipping counts and generating traffic. Vertex Pro is the most expensive product, and it includes 25 different training modules on advanced topics in online marketing. These include more in-depth education about social media and email marketing.

With the high-quality resources they purchase, users learn how to effectively recruit new members while building their own online businesses. Many people are already earning a lot of money through this website.