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Social Media Marketing Still Provides the Most Benefits

Social media is all the rage in business communities today and with good reason. Marketers find it increasingly effective and are using it more and more as a core marketing strategy. Social media marketing offers businesses an opportunity to engage with captive audiences and many other great benefits. Here are some of the most compelling:

Social media gives you a direct relationship with your target market

The core goal of social media marketing is to build relationships that then translate to sales and if you’re doing it right, social media will lead to real relationship building. So companies need to do those things that cause strong relationships. There is a lure for companies to look for short cuts to gain followers. In business any short cut must be explored. For instance, today there is an option for a company to buy Instagram followers. Close examination of these types of offers should be performed and if there is an overall benefit for the company, they might need to be pursued, but the company should also look to build followers organically as well.

Part of what makes social media platforms like Snapchat so appealing is the interaction you get to have with your customer base. You literally see what they are thinking and doing. It allows you to look into their thoughts and get insights into their daily lives. The more you know about them the better you can tailor products, services and marketing campaigns specifically for them.

Social media allows you to find new marketing partners

Because you can see who your audiences are engaging with, you know what businesses and other companies they are frequenting. You will discover companies whose products or services complement those your company provides. Since both your companies have a common desire to engage with the same audiences, you can work together on social media campaigns aimed at your common audiences.

Social media allows you to effectively compete with better funded companies

Not every company has a seven figure budget to market themselves. A great benefit of social media marketing is that it gives equal footing to companies of all sizes and ties their popularity largely to their ability to enthrall social media audiences. Most often, the people and brands who thrive and go viral in are those with the most ingenious, attention grabbing campaigns and the most beneficial, and relevant content. Thy have learned how to provide value to their target audience while also showing their unique and compelling personality and brand. So being large and well-funded does not mean that you will be popular and if you want to be popular, and increase your sales or brand awareness, you’re going to have to outsmart, out-market and out maneuver everyone else in your space. And this can be done by any size company.

You can target your ideal market with your ads

Social media collets lots of data on its members, their behaviors, habits and preferences. This gives businesses an ability to send their messages directly to those they want to try and engage. Instagram ads, for example, allow you to target users by location, education level, industry, groups joined, purchase history, pages they’ve liked and many other categories. This specificity allows businesses to target those specific audiences that most likely would respond to their products or services.