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Why Hats Are Back in Fashion

Women began wearing hats consistently after a Middle Ages church decree ordered the covering of hair. Initially, women crafted their own head coverings at home until professional milliners began offering fashionable designs. The styles changed along with fashion and modesty over the years. By the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of women wore hats for aesthetic reasons or to protect their hair in certain weather conditions. Eventually, the fashion changed again and the desire for hats, other than winter warmth, faded away. This is beginning to reverse as more women are donning hats for a variety of reasons.

Honoring Religious Beliefs

Modern women that want to remain loyal to their religious beliefs while still looking fashionable and current choose carefully designed hats that will meet both standards. This allows women to maintain a professional appearance for their career without sacrificing their beliefs.

Covering Hair Loss

Cancer patients commonly require some type of head covering when hair loss begins. This is more than vanity. Many patients have lowered immune systems and need to protect their recently bare skin from the elements. Hair loss is not restricted to just cancer patients. Burn survivors, alopecia sufferers, and many others benefit from having stylish hats to boost their appearance and keep them comfortable and safe.

Increase Fashion Options

A great hat changes the look of any outfit. They are feminine and fun and make life much easier. Wearing a hat cuts down the amount of time and products women need to put into their hair each day. It is a unique look that is fast and easy to put together and incredibly trendy. It is a style that is perfect for everyone. There is no minimum age or age limit for when wearing a hat is acceptable or attractive.

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